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MMA ENTERTAINMENT, INC (MMAE) was founded in October of 2006 by undefeated UFC and WEC Champion and sports pioneer, Frank ‘the Legend’ Shamrock, and business mentor Robert de Neve of ProfitBound Technologies Inc., a Silicon Valley based Intellectual Asset Management firm, in an effort to consolidate and professionalize the industry of MMA

We are a digital media distribution and brand development company

Our specific focus for 2011 will be social media, reality television, marketing and industry talent management/asset retention

On December 1st 2006 MMAE signed a three year multi million dollar Spokesman and Consulting Agreement with Pro Elite Inc. and launched the EliteXC brand on Showtime with Frank Shamrock vs Renzo Gracie, the first ever MMA event on a premium cable network

In September 2010 MMAE inked a multi year Spokesman and Consulting Agreement with Explosion Entertainment, LLC the parent company of Strikeforce

The company maintains strategic partnerships with many of the world's leading entertainment brands. We have a long history of delivering exceptional value for clients and partners.



Frank Shamrock: Ungloved